This website born when Hotfallingdevil request me to help her and create website for her at the date of June 25th, 2018.
It’s not only help, she implicitly gives me the right to work on her behalf and do what I want.
To me It’s really an honor, ready to help her and create something awesome. 
Then Immediatly, I register and ask to a great team web developper to work on something for this website.
I work on this flame logo and ready to promote even more Hotfallingdevil.

Unfortunately Hotfallingdevil have short memory and finally looks want step back for unknow reasons (perhaps pimp or nasty people behind her, no one know) and she try to ask money to speak with her.
Where since 2 months I already spend time, energy and money to create this little place.

I publish this website more early cause there’s no more reason to hide anything. 

I forget that, If you wish to be on business with someone yes It’s logic you must to pay to speak about that.
I work with many models and many compagnies since 10 years, It’s first time a model treat me like this.

It was the story of a model who is a big liar in such a small body.

Then, you would be right to ask me why support her again?
Because if it can indirectly repay me all the energy to spend, it will only be fair.

Author: Chuck735 was sweet Hotfallingdevil moderator for few months